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  • Quantitative clinical image assessment
  • Measuring hitherto unquantifiable shape and shape change
  • Realizing efficient image-based clinical trials: major cost containment

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Corinth BioSciences will enable many image-based clinical trials to be smaller, faster, better, and cheaper. Trial statistical efficiencies can be markedly enhanced by incorporating shape and spatial image content using advanced geometric morphometrics (GMM). Corinth BioSciences is the first mover and is built around the GMM world leader in this complex field. We seek to become the preferred provider of morphometric image analysis platforms among a new class of clinical trial imaging tool companies. Learn More


In all clinical trials, an inefficient efficacy endpoint inflates drug development costs and adversely effects subject- and trial-safety. With image-based clinical trials, previously unmeasured shape and shape-change content can now be accessed using geometric morphometrics (GMM), a technology transfer from virtual anthropology and systematic biology. The new data can lead to disruptive increases in clinical trial statistical efficiency, enhancing proof of concept sensitivity and specificity and leading to substantial nominal savings in trial duration, size, and cost in pivotal image-based trials. Learn More


Corinth BioSciences develops cloud-based, validated, and qualified SaaS platforms for license by pharmaceutical companies and imaging CROs, offering major enhancements of statistical efficiency in image-based clinical trials. Given morphometric content allied to a reference atlas, the Corinth BioSciences approach can result in very significant cost containment. The GMM technology is agnostic to imager and to therapeutic area. Both 2-D and 3-D images can be targetted. Corinth will also develop platforms on contract for corporate-identified trial images in any therapeutic area. Learn More